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1. Michael Vorfeld   Light Bulb Music No.2 [4:45]
2. Der Kreis des Gegenstandes   Live at Cave12 [4:48]
3. Sink   Zucker [7:39]
4. MEK   Methyl Ethyl Ketone [2:21]
5. Subroutine   Deep Skin [5:04]
6. Bogan Ghost   Septicemia [5:07]
7. Trigger   Glass Is Technically A Liquid [5:41]
8. Thomas Ankersmit   Geen Dank [5:21]
9. Perlonex   Blues No. 5 [7:53]
10. Pokemachine   Tòskunge! [4:01]
11. Tony Buck & Axel Dörner   Torrent [5:22]
12. The Magic I.D.   Love Is More Thicker [4:10]
13. The Pitch Extended   Frozen Orange Extension (Edit) [15:20]

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1. MoHa!   Adios Amigos [1:01]
2. Pierre Borel / Hannes Lingens   Anemic Cinema [4:02]
3. Phosphor   P13 [10:19]
4. Spill   Shatter [6:01]
5. Ignaz Schick & Sabine Vogel   Inner Mongolia (Tape 1) [7:28]
6. Annette Krebs   in between [6:53]
7. Les Femmes Savantes   Schlund [5:14]
8. Serge Baghdassarians & Boris Baltschun   brownout [6:12]
9. Lucio Capece & Christian Kesten   Untitled (a few drips and splatters and an occasional pencil line) [4:44]
10. Germ Studies   Burning Burning [1:28]
11. Jürg Bariletti & Mike Majkowski   Gespinst [4:42]
12. Team Up   Shards and Screens [6:16]
13. Lucio Capece   Pieza 4B [2:27]
14. Phono_Phono   Ghost 1 [7:08]
15. ercklentz neumann   versprechen [4:27]

EZM Symbol 1

1. The Understated Brown   Long Bow Drawn [4:30]
2. Static   Motobecane [4:17]
3. Lovens/Schick/Thomas   Live in Zoglau [3:42]
4. Trophies   Istruzioni [6:01]
5. Antje Vowinckel   Toppling and Tumbling [6:45]
6. Nicholas Bussmann & Werner Dafeldecker   Untitled [4:16]
7. Fernanda Farah & Chico Mello   How Many Years [2:51]
8. Hotelgäste   Aus dem Fenster [4:47]
9. Hanno Leichtmann & Andrea Neumann   Leptothrix [5:40]
10. Olaf Rupp   Guitar-Cable-Tubeamp_Etude [4:38]
11. Antoine Chessex   errances (excerpt) [5:16]
12. LYSN   Eleven Legs Landing [7:11]
13. Splitter Orchester   Live at Hauptbahnhof Berlin [14:42]

compiled by Burkhard Beins

mastered by Nicholas Bussmann, Werner Dafeldecker, Valerio Tricoli

produced by Vlad Kudryavtsev

executive producers Kurt Liedwart and Serge Kolosov

liner notes by Björn Gottstein

translations by Derek Shirley, David Walker, and Vlad Kudryavtsev

cover design and layout by Kurt Liedwart

original cover design idea by Friedwalt Donner

mikroton recordings 14/15/16     3CD, rus 2012

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This compilation of Echtzeitmusik Berlin has been assembled and designed to become a companion to the book of the same title published in 2011 by Wolke Verlag, which reflects on a multilayered phenomenon within Berlin's musical culture, a phenomenon whose influence and meaning has effects that extend far beyond Berlin itself. Having emerged in the open spaces of the city's east side after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and rooted in a cultural coordinate system made up of squats and free improvisation, punk and new music, social experimentation and performance art, the Echtzeitmusik scene has passed through an eventful history of musical and social development and matured into a wide spectrum of predominantly experimental forms of music, bordering on fields as varied as noise, electronica, trash pop, free jazz, and contemporary composed music, not to mention performance and sound art.

Not every Echtzeitmusik protagonist has the chance to appear on this compilation which can only represent a temporary excerpt. The organism - a network of individuals in a constant state of flux, in permanent interaction - is living. Echtzeitmusik changes. And also through this compilation.

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