"Stranger Than Fiction"

de- and recomposition commissioned by Labor Sonor : Translating Music
festival and symposium at Ballhaus Ost, Berlin. August 28th 2015

all musical material, sounds and lyrics: Tuxedomoon, 1977-1985
additional voices: Geoff Stern, Abba Lang und Fanny Maugey
composition and live presentation: Burkhard Beins

Video Clip

"In an extensive work process, Burkhard Beins taps into the records of the Californian expats-in-Europe and searches for suitable sonic and musical material, short splinters of which he then selects and isolates. From this growing pool of material the composer-performer constructs/edits new musical contexts by means of digital multi-tracking. In this way, the already iridescent music world of Tuxedomoon becomes newly fractured and mirrored through the compositional work of Burkhard Beins, whose own musical roots go back to some first noise and sound collages in the 1980s involving reel-to-reel loops and cassette tapes."