sound installation (UA 2013)

modulation I at quiet cue, 2013. photo: nicolas wiese

Following POR and SEKANTE the sound installation MODULATION I is also based on the principle of strings spanned across the room which are then fixed to resonators and excited by electric propellers. In MODULATION I one very long string becomes excited permanently by a propeller. Within the resonator on the other end of the string a microphone picks up the emerging sounds which become played back from across the room through a speaker. Within this site specific feedback system various interrelated parameters can be varied and adjusted in multiple ways:

a) rotational speed of the propeller motors via voltage
b) angle in which the two strings of the propeller hit the excited string
c) length and tension of the string
d) positioning of the microphone
e) positioning of the speaker
f) filtering and volume control of the microphone signal

The visitor can move freely within the room and experience emerging frequencies and overtones within a permanent drone. Depending on the site specific room acoustics not only his individual perspective can alter by change of position, but also his physical presence can have an impact on the feedback system and the occuring frequencies.

Kindly funded by the "Initiative für Neue Musik e.V. Berlin" (INM) MODULATION I had been installed and presented for the first time at Quiet Cue Intermedia, Berlin, in 2013 as part of RE-MAKE/RE-MODULE which also involved presentations of SEKANTE, POR and two Live-Remix solos by Marta Zapparoli (tapes) and Valerio Tricolo (revox), both entirely based on sound material derived from all three installations.