THE SEALED KNOT: live - Cover

live at the Red Hedgehog, 29 Oct. 2006

rhodri davies - harp
mark wastell - double bass
burkhard beins - percussion

digitally recorded by David Reid at The Red Hedgehog, Archway, London, 29 Oct. 2006
confront performance series 03, CD-R uk 2007

limited to 120 copies only, CD-R comes in a round metal tin

The Sealed Knot have been playing together for an awful long time, longer than musicians in this area of music usually play together, but the international nature of the group means that opportunities to play together are infrequent, and plenty of time to reflect on the direction of the music can be found between shows. The last time I saw The Knot (as we cool people call them) was in London back in October when they played two sets at the Red Hedgehog. On that night the first sound that came from the group was Mark Wastell attacking the bass with a frantic thrashing bowing that took most of the room by surprise. Things settled down into a darker, more brooding style as the set went on, but the mood was set from the off. The second set saw a return to the clockwork-like, almost mechanical forms that the group have developed and made their own down the years, but taking this to new levels. I was sat with Alastair at that gig and he compared the music to The Necks, the cyclical nature of the music pointing that way.
- Richard Pinnell -

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