It Ain't Necessarily So

ignaz schick - tube sine wave, bows, onjects, turntable
jörg maria zeger - stomp boxes, electric guitar
burkhard beins - drums, percussion, objects, zither
charlemagne palestine -fazoli grand piano, vocals, cognac glass

CD 1: part one 44:22

CD 2: part two 35:38 / part three 10:53

In early December 2006 a live performance of Perlonex & Charlemagne Palestine took place at the Viennese jazz club Porgy & Bess. Inspired by the club's name and the chance meeting of a far relative of the Gershwin family Palestine incorporated "It Aint Necessarily So" from the great American songbook into the proceedings. But if you would now expect an apt version of the tune you are definitely on the wrong track. It is more like a recurring quotation of both melody and text embedded in Perlonex' fine drones & raw noisy musique concrete and Palestine's extensive piano strummings. At some point Palestine is turning the lyrics into clear statements about the state of our times, answered by Perlonex with a blast of dark & fierce noise. Two years after the first meeting of Perlonex & Palestine in 2004 this concert documents a truely magic moment of the collaboration which has become an ongoing project. You could say Palestine has become almost a steady member of the group and is very much integrated in PerlonexÕ music. Although the tapes were directly mixded down to stereo DAT and therefore only small approvements to the sound could be made afterwards, we still think it makes a rewarding listening.

recorded live at porgy & bess, vienna, and broadcasted by the Austrian radio ORF
remastered at Amann Studios, vienna, in 2008

zarek    double-CD zarek 11/12, d 2009

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