ignaz schick - turntables, electronics
jörg maria zeger - electric guitar
burkhard beins - percussion, objects

CD1: with keith rowe - tabletop guitar

tensions I 43:03
rec. live at podewil, 11.9.2004, 1st set

CD2: with charlemagne palestine - grand piano, keyboards

tensions II 40:43
rec. live at podewil, 11.9.2004, 2nd set

This double-CD documents the 5th anniversary concert of Perlonex who on this invited Keith Rowe and Charlemagne Palestine as guests in order to feature different aspects of their musical work in two distinct sets. All material is presented as played live and no editing or overdubs have been applied.
Recorded at Podewil by Christian Malejka on the 11th of September 2004.
Mixed by Ignaz Schick and Burkhard Beins at AudioCue Berlin.

nexsound ns54, double-CD, ukraine 2006

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