(...) I'm not fond of improvising vocalists but Wolfgang's vocabulary of whispers, grumbles and coughs meshes perfectly with the understated quality of this music. Renkel and Pfleiderer consistently avoid the cliches associated with their instruments. Pfleiderer's is often played reedless or bitten hard to give piercing feedback-like notes and Renkel's acoustic guitar understated to the point of inaudibility. Beins bows and scrapes his instrument and the percussive attack of the earlier performances is almost completely absent. Listening at home the sound of the group often merged with that of the traffic outside, even when played at a quiet high volume. There are long sections of near silence which evoke the static sound world of late Cage or early Feldman. This recording is exhilarating, both in the sound world it creates - its tiny textures and events - and in the feeling it evokes of people who are listening far more than playing. In a time when "in yer face" noise seems the preferred medium for improvisers, the near glacial stillness of this record is refreshing.
- Richard Sanderson, Resonance -

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