Hanoi New Music Festival Ensemble 2013

Being Together

nguyen thanh thuy - dan tranh
ngo tra my - dan bau
pham thi hue - ty ba, dan day, phach, vocal
sonx - percussion
kim ngoc tran - vocals
lotte anker - soprano sax, alto sax, composition
jakob riis - electronicsbr> terje thiwang - flute
henrik frisk - electronics
stefan östersjö
patrizia olivia - vocals, electronics
stefano giust - percussion
burkhard beins - percussion

1. being together part 1 10:32
2. being together part 2 19:35
3. being together part 3 17:04

recorded in concert at hanoi new music festival 2013
at youth theatre, hanoi/vietnam on december 8th
edited and mastered by jakob riis
produced by stefano giust

setola di maiale, printed cd-r sm 2840, it 2015

From the brochure of the event: "The Hanoi New Music Festival is the first ever experimental music festival to be held in Vietnam. From November 30th to December 8th 2013, the festival will be a focal point for both emerging and established local and international experimental musicians. The aim of the Festival is to present outstanding international productions as well as new commissioned compositions by Vietnamese composers. The Festival will reflect recent artistic, social and technical developments in the music culture and will create a new adventurous vision for the music scene in Vietnam. Composer Kim Ngoc, the initiator, gathers around 50 musicians from 8 different countries including Vietnam, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Italy, Germany, Norway and France. With the theme 'The Blind Spot', the Festival aims not to gap in knowledge, but also to generate synergetic effects to strengthen musical infrastructures between Vietnam and the worldwide contemporary music scene. Joint projects are therefore also a means of identifying the blind spots in one's own perception and viewpoints. The Festival aspires to be a catalyst to kick-start conversations and collaborations among local and international practitioners of music and other art forms: a playground for various types of artistic expression togather and interact; and a transitional meeting point to further encourage musical and artistic exchange. The Hanoi New Music Festival 2013 will take place at DomDom and in theatres and public spaces around the city, depending on the requirements and nature of each performance." All this points were achieved! Being Together was the big closing performance of the festival, that included prominent music improvisers. The music was recorded in concert at the Youth Theater of Hanoi, Vietnam, on December 08th. The musicians worked together during the festival, in addition to their own projects presented at the event and they developed an extraordinary musical dialogue, as an individual performer or mixed group. The piece is based on a graphic score by Lotte Anker. Musical improvisation is a rare thing that works immediately in and between humans, even if they come from different countries, languages and culture. No barriers. Kim Ngoc is a composer (she has studied also with Karlheinz Stockuhausen) and is a music educator and a tireless promoter of new music in her native country. She starts the DomDom - The Hub for Experimental Music and Art. "DomDom has been created in 2012 as the first independent interdisciplinary center fully dedicated to the operation and advancement of Vietnamese experimental music and its interdisciplinary collaborations with other arts forms. The Center promotes all forms of music and art practices in providing an audience development program that aims to initiate and educate Vietnamese to experimental and contemporary art and in providing music training for young composers/musicians in order to generate a strong foundation for the Vietnamese experimental and contemporary scene. In the same time the center will provide journalism training in order to develop critics thinking and control the quality of the Vietnamese scene. Nowadays DomDom works with several partners in order to maintain an high end quality education program. Soon, the center will be open in brick and mortar in order to host a theater where musicians and artists will be able to perform in a high quality environment"). Pham Thi Hue, in addition to working in contemporary music, is the largest virtuoso interpreter in the world of Ca Tru, an early music (really lovely instrumental and vocal music); not different positions the other Vietnamise musicians as the virtuous Nguyen Thanh Ngo and Tra My Thuy, as well as for the percussionist SonX, also active in the field of electro-acoustic.

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