Bridges - Vinyl


"Gerco made a graphic design for a sleeve that didn't have music yet. An imaginary album. After a presentation of the design, an audience member suggested that I (Machinefabriek) could make the music for it. That sounded like a great plan, but instead of me composing pieces, we decided to take a different route, fitting to the concept of the design.
Gerco used photos of four different bridges. We visited these bridges again, now to make field recordings. These recordings were send to different improvisers, with the 'assignment' to react on it, with their instruments. Per bridge we asked two musicians. Instead of playing with each other, they didn't know what the other would come up with. The ressemblance was that the other one also reacted on the same field recording. After the recordings we send to me, I mixed them, together with the field recordings."
Rutger Zuydervelt

The duos that are on the Bridges album:

a. Jim Denley & Espen Reinertsen 10:00
b. Burkhard Beins & Jon Mueller 10:00
c. Mats Gustafsson & Nate Wooley 10:00
d. Erik Carlsson & Steven Hess 10:00

all tracks mixed by rutger zuydervelt
except side b (beins/mueller) mixed by burkhard beins

field recordings and coordination by rutger zuydervelt
graphic design and photography by gerco hiddink
mastering by guiseppe ielasi

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special limited edition of 250, double lp, picture vinyl, nl 2011

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