I grew up in Teesside in the North East of England. The area probably has the highest density of industry in Europe, over a hundred square miles of steel works and chemical works. At night flare-stacks blow gigantic flames into the pale sodium orange sky. At night, when the towns grow quiet the sound of industry floats over the sleeping estates, and seeps into your unconscious. For those of us from the area, the film 'Eraserhead' had an impact, as did the concept of 'industrial music' (but the horrible proto-goth results always missed the point), but Perlonex' music actually makes me feel homesick. (...) The record reminds me of the noise infested sleep of my youth. We were never alienated by the industry - far from being ugly, at night it has a sparkling crystalline beauty of such immensity that it takes your breath away. This music gets close to capturing it.
- Richard Sanderson, Bad Alchemy -

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