AIRPORT SYMPHONY - Remix-Compilation

with contributions by:
David Grubbs
Richard Chartier
Francisco López
Camilla Hannan
Taylor Deupree
Christophe Charles
Dale Lloyd
Marc Behrens
Toshiya Tsunoda
Tim Hecker
Stephan Mathieu
Christian Fennesz
Burkhard Beins
Jason Kahn
Ulrich Krieger
Keichi Sugimoto
Christopher Willits
Joel Stern

Airport Symphony, commissioned by the Queensland Music Festival and Brisbane Airport Corporation, documents and synthesises the experiences of travel. Each piece represents a personal meditation on aspects of travel in the modern age and suggests ways in which we control, augment and ultimately exist in a time where almost no part of the face of the planet is inaccessible. Each of the pieces features a source recording made in and around Brisbane Airport between March and June 2007 - in a raw form or transformed by processing.

All field recordings + photos by Lawrence English
Compiled and produced by Lawrence English

Room40, Double-CD, aus 2007

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