ACTIVITY CENTER: Lohn & Brot - Cover Detail

ACTIVITY CENTER: lohn & brot

michael renkel - acoustic nylon string guitar, preparations, amplified stringboard, live electronics, percussion

burkhard beins - drums and cymbals, objects, table percussion, e-bowed and propelled zither, mixing desk, handheld electronics

1. arbeit : material   18'50''
2. passage   2'56''
3. zone : produkt   29'09''
4. transit   2'18''
5. station : prozess   17'07''

    total 70'48''

produced in berlin, 2009

limited and numbered edition of 500 copies

absinth records, 017, CD, 2010

the activity center started off in 1989 with a conglomeration of instruments and sound sources at hand, comprising prepared tapes and tape loops, toys, a self-built stringboard and other homemade instruments, an inside piano, zither, contact mikes and radio, next to electric and acoustic guitars and percussion.
throughout the 1990's the focus shifted almost exclusively towards the sonic potential of their acoustic main instruments: spanish guitar and percussion extended only by preparations and the use of various objects as documented on their first musical summary möwen & moos, a double cd released in 1999 after the first 10 years of their collaborative artistic development.
another decade on the activity center has been amplified again, extended by electronic software and devices, and relocated on tables. by completing a kind of circle all discoveries they have made so far seem to be now at their disposal. but as a matter of course lohn & brot is once again a transitory piece of work. a hybrid of acoustic noise and electro-acoustic subtlety, immediate manual access and complex treatment. - what will come next?

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