Zone Null Panda
photo: cristina marx/photomusix

Tony Elieh - bass guitar, live-electronics
Burkhard Beins - bass guitar, live-electronics

The Berlin-based duo ZONE NULL unites Tony Elieh and Burkhard Beins for an unusal encounter of two bass guitars and a variety of analog and digital live-electronics. While for Elieh the bass guitar has always been a main focus of his musical activities, as an improviser and namely with the Lebanese indie rock band Scrambled Eggs, Beins only recently expanded his already wide range of extended percussion, experimental electronics and sound art by co-founding the Krautrock-Noise band Slurge as their bass player. The sonic fiction of ZONE NULL evolves and florishes on the broad musical horizon these two gentlemen have in common, ranging from musique concréte and contemporary composition via improvised and experimental music to electronic, post-punk and avantgarde rock.

Our debut CD Phase I will be out soon on Bocian.

Watch Zone Null live at Interpenetration Graz, 2024   

Watch Zone Null live in Mexico City, 2024   

Listen to 16' demo track   

Zone Null
photo: mazen kerbaj