VT at West Germany
at gallery west germany, 2019. photo: roberto duarte

Marta Zapparoli: reel-to-reel tape machines, tape recorders, microphones, sensors, ultrasonic, analog and digital tools, antennas, radio receivers, and detectors
Burkhard Beins: analogue synthesizers, prepared sound files, electronic treatments, filter matrix, loopers, walkie talkies, and percussion instruments

In Vertigo Transport the experimental musicians Marta Zapparoli and Burkhard Beins explore uncharted electro-acoustic territories full of rhythmical detail and dark beauty. Incorporating a wide variety of machines the two musicians interact with each other in real time, but also with their site-specific environment. Cross-feeding their individual signals to each other adds further to the complexity of their intriguing musical encounters.

Listen to:
demo track #1,  5:30 (2018)
demo track #2,  9:10 (2018)

Sound Intervention (for specific locations)

Vertigo Transport is also a spatial Sound Art performance, site-specific for locations with elevators.

We are interested in the unique architectural structure of buildings with elevators. Both performers follow a different principle and approach to sound. While one of them produces sound by acoustic percussion instruments and analog synthesizers, the other one detects signals emanated by the space itself (for instance: vibration sounds, electro-magnetic fields, electro smog, radio waves signals). The two performers move independently inside and outside of the elevator. One creates soundscapes while the other one detects and transforms invisible signals and feeds them in.

Each position in the building offers a specific sonic experience. On each level, within the elevator, or inside of a staircase, there are different blends of very close or very distant sounds, as well as sounds which are passing by, which are getting closer or vanish. The elevator becomes a musical instrument with its doors functioning as filters for the sound, while the arriving/leaving elevator produces crescendos/decrescendos.

"Vertigo is a medical condition where a person feels as if they or the objects around them are moving when they are not."
from Wikipedia