TS at Sonoscopia
photo: ruipin heiro, sonoscopia 2018

Phil Durrant - modular and software synthesizers

Burkhard Beins - percussion and objects

Bertrand Denzler - tenor saxophone

London - Berlin - Paris

27 Questions For A Start

Live at Instants Chavirés, 2022

The group brings together an English electronics specialist, a Swiss/French saxophonist and a German percussionist, all of them highly committed to the European contemporary experimental music scene. As members of ensembles like Mimeo, Hubbub, Polwechsel and countless others, they have released their music on labels such as Another Timbre, Erstwhile, Matchless, Potlatch, Confront, Hat Hut, For4Ears, Emanem, Leo, and many others.

Moving within evolving electro-acoustic fields Trio Sowari investigates their asymmetric structures and multilayered ambiguities. No signs of dystopianism or retrotopianism here, but undaunted and spirited ways of facing a complex and bewildering present.

Since its foundation in 2004 the group has played innumerable venues and festivals all across Europe.

"This is disciplined, focused music, the sound of people really thinking and playing, and close attention is consistently rewarded."
- Clive Bell, The Wire -

"Musicianship and creativity of the highest order."
- Dan Warburton , ParisTransatlantic -

"Leçon du son sans laisse."
- Antoine Le Roy, Journal de Jura -

"The result of these alluring and positively sensual investigations is a dense and coherent sound composed of a myriad of building blocks, which allows both for macro- and micro-listening."
- Tobias Fischer, tokafi -

"It's unclear how or what they've done, but surely Trio Sowari has done it again."
- Mark Corroto, All about Jazz -


Three Dances (Potlatch CD P105, 2005)

Shortcut (Potlatch CD P208, 2008)

Third Issue (Mikroton Recordings CD 67, 2018)

Further Reflections (coming out on Inexhaustible Editions in May 2024)