Anaïs Tuerlinckx - piano, found objects, string box
Andrea Ermke - mini discs, samples
Burkhard Beins - amplified cymbal, live electronics, samples

Since their first appearance together at the Labor Sonor open air festival in 2021 (with dancer Takako Suzuki), the three musicians have evolved into the trio TOGGLE. Their hybrid electro-acoustic spectrum ranges from Tuerlinckx's inside piano, rich with objects and prepared string sounds, via Ermke's elaborate selections of samples and field recordings, to the close-miked ride cymbal and live electronics of Beins.
All play together in other combinations: Tuerlinckx and Ermke as 'Der Komponist ist eingeschlafen', Beins and Tuerlinckx in trio with Marta Zapparoli and also occasionally as a duo, and last, but not least, Ermke and Beins in the long-established groups Tree (with Chris Abrahams) and Cox Orange (with Jim Denley and Ignaz Schick). With TOGGLE, the three create unpredictable sound worlds full of twists and dark beauty.

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