The Sealed Knot on CCTV

Burkhard Beins - percussion
Rhodri Davies - harp
Mark Wastell - double bass

"These are collaborative sound makers, loosely in the tradition of AMM or David Tudor's realisations of John Cage, forging music through whatever means meet the needs of the moment. While electronic music is an influence, it's the joint involvement with the tactile demands of objects and instruments that gives this music it's urgency."
- Will Montgomery, The Wire -

"Impulses seem crucial to the trio's ideas in their limited environment, and their music materializes so freely. The air is filled with deceptively organized patterns and it becomes a nagging wonder that these performances weren't preconceived at all. It is a brilliant work that exemplifies what we have come to know as contemporary minimalism."
- Alan Jones, Bagatellen -

VIDEO: Live at Exploratorium, Berlin 2015

VIDEO: Live at Hundred Years Gallery, London 2016

Will Montgomery: "Silence is a rhythm too - The Sealed Knot", THE WIRE 6/02

ROUND TABLE INTERVIEW, Bill Shoemaker interviews The Sealed Knot for Point Of Departure, 2010

The Sealed Knot (Confront CD 06, 2000)
The Sealed Knot: Surface/Plane (Meniscus CD012, 2003)
The Sealed Knot: Unwanted Object (Confront CD, 2004 - Re-issued in 2010)
The Sealed Knot: Live at the Red Hedgehog (Confront CD-R, 2007)
The Sealed Knot: and we disappear (another timbre CD at23, 2009)
The Sealed Knot: Live at Cafe Oto (Confront CD-R, 2013)
The Sealed Knot: Trembling Shade (Confront CD-R, 2016)

The Sealed Knot at ausland
rhodri davies, mark wastell, burkhard beins at ausland. photo: marta blazanovic, 2013