Slurge Live

Eric Bauer - guitar
Burkhard Beins - bass guitar
Carina Khorkhordina - trumpet
Wolfgang Seidel - drums, synthesizer

Next to ex-Ton Steine Scherben drummer Wolfgang Seidel the exceptional outfit of Slurge is featuring Carina Khorkhordina on trumpet, Eric Bauer on electric and Burkhard Beins on bass guitar. All four musicians are active in Berlin's thriving experimental music scene that became known as Echtzeitmusik. The vitas of Slurge's members reach back to the times of Kluster/Cluster and the Zodiac Free Arts Lab of 1968. Besides Krautrock another biographical landmark is the post-wall era when parts of Berlin's old city centre became an area of unknown property and power relations. It was a time frame for unrestricted experiments outside of commercial logics. With Slurge the musicians fuse those energies to explore the more colorful and noisy realms of the vast spectrum covered by Echtzeitmusik.

Audio:  Purge 5:42   //  Verge 12:25

Video:  Signs (feat. Elena Poulou) 6:12

photo: carina khorkhordina, 2019