Liz Allbee - synthesizers, noise boxes, electric motors, samples, quadraphonic trumpet, tuning forks, lights & video
Burkhard Beins - synthesizers, hand oscillator, igniters, loops, samples, percussion, tuning forks, lights & video

imaginarchic music

American multi-instrumentalist Liz Allbee and German echtzeit percussionist Burkhard Beins team up for some live-electro-acoustic explorations with their Berlin-based duo Mensch Mensch Mensch. Informed by their connatural musical backgrounds ranging from industrial/noise via musique concrète to free improvisation the two players create interactive fields of an imaginarchic nature.

Many lesser oddball talents make the proud boast that they will invite you into their strange mental world and amaze you thereby. Allbee not only makes good on the promise, but she refuses to let you out again afterwards. I hereby dub her the Circe of the avant-garde music world, and I have now been turned into a pig
- The Sound Projector -

Burkhard Beins is best known as one of the most distinctive percussionists in European free music, performing in groups both in Berlin (Phosphor, Perlonex, Activity Center) and beyond (The Sealed Knot, Trio Sowari), though on the strength of his two solo albums (...) he's no slouch as a composer either, bringing the same acute ear for timbre and immaculate sense of timing to more fixed structures...
- The Wire -

TUZUB 37 - a dystopian audio-visual piece, 2015

Release: Mensch Mensch Mensch, vinyl 12" LP out on alt.vinyl, UK 2014

Mensch Mensch Mensch Shows:
Strahler, Berlin - December 2015
SC at Teatar &TD, Zagreb/HR - December 2015
Interpenetration Festival, Graz/AT - December 2015
The Old Police House, Newcastle/UK - November 2015
TUZUB 37 at Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin, UA - September 2015
Madame Claude, Berlin - August 2015
Norberg Festival & EMS Night, Norberg/SE - July 2014
Record Release at ausland, Berlin - June 2014
West Germany Gallery, Berlin - February 2014
New Music Encounter Festival, Brno/CZ - November 2013
Rhiz, Vienna/AT - November 2013
Aural Detritus Series, Brighton/UK - August 2013
Cafe OTO, London/UK - August 2013
ZKM, Karlsruhe/D - June 2013
Theater am Ring, Villingen-Schwenningen/D - June 2013
Q-02 Residency, Brussels/BE - June 2013
Beursschouwburg, Brussels/BE - June 2013
Perceptive Turns, N.K., Berlin - March 2013
Friedenskirche, Berlin - January 2013
Ausklang Festival, Hamburg/D - December 2012
Centro Cultural Universitario, Mexico City/MX - October 2012
Historic Toy Museum, Mexico City/MX - October 2012
Casa del Artista, Tlaxcala/MX - October 2012
Museo Britanico Americano, Mexico City/MX - October 2012
The Flywheel, Easthampton/MA, USA - October 2012
Madame Claude, Berlin - August 2012
Friese, Bremen/D - June 2012
Serralves Festival, Porto/PT - June 2012
Cave12, Geneva/CH - February 2012