photo: tony elieh

Maurice Louca - acoustic quarter-tone guitar
Tony Elieh - acoustic bass guitar
Burkhard Beins - percussion

Marmalsana is a fusion of influences, given that Tony Elieh moved to Berlin from Beirut and Maurice Louca from Cairo, both developing new techniques inspired by the musical richness and encounters that Berlin offers to artists. Burkhard Beins is one of the founders of the Echtzeitmusik movement, which has influenced many other musicians and scenes around the world. Their music represents all these backgrounds, styles, and influences, fueled by the expertise and experience of each musician. They are merging their individual contributions into a unified whole, iridescently moving between distinct placements of sound and moments beyond instrumental recognisability. This journey traverses between Beirut, Berlin, and Cairo, forming a nomadic musical language.
Elieh and Beins have their own duo, Zone Null (featuring two electric basses and electronics), while Elieh and Louca are also both members of the septet group Karkhana and Dog Plugs. The three musicians gathered for the first time to work on new collective compositions using only acoustic instruments without amplification, employing extended techniques and objects to produce soundscapes of drones, textures, melodies, and polyrhythms.

Marmalsana's debut release will be out soon as a cassette tape/download on Ruptured Records.