Klirrfaktor - Boxes

An audio-visual performance for percussion, sound objects, electronics and light
composed and performed by

Burkhard Beins & Michael Vorfeld

For many years the Berlin-based composer-performers Burkhard Beins and Michael Vorfeld are extending their music by visual means, both in their very individual way. The collaborative audio-visual duo performance Klirrfaktor presents and juxtaposes surprising sound and light events, as connected or overlapping solos, but also in newly conceived duo constellations. A rather complex arc of suspense unfurls within a choreography involving the entire performance space.

Klirrfaktor was developed with the kind support of Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V. and received its premiere at Acker Stadt Palast in 2018. On September 26th and 27th it was presented another three times as part of the music theatre festival BAM! 2019 at Volksbühne, Berlin.

VIDEO: Klirrfaktor at Acker Stadt Palast
a documenation filmed and edited by Steffi Weismann

Klirrfaktor - Duo      Klirrfaktor - Dia

acker stadt palast 2018. video stills: steffi weismann

Klirrfaktor 1      Klirrfaktor 3

roter salon 2019. photos: marcus lieberenz