Klirrfaktor - Boxes

An audio-visual performance for percussion, sound objects, electronics and light
composed and performed by

Burkhard Beins & Michael Vorfeld

For many years the Berlin-based composer-performers Burkhard Beins and Michael Vorfeld are extending their music by visual means, both in their very individual way. The collaborative audio-visual duo performance Klirrfaktor presents and juxtaposes surprising sound and light events, as connected or overlapping solos, but also in newly conceived duo constellations. A rather complex arc of suspense unfurls within a choreography involving the entire performance space.

VIDEO: Klirrfaktor at Acker Stadt Palast, 2018
filmed and edited by Steffi Weismann

Klirrfaktor - Duo      Klirrfaktor - Dia

with the kind support of Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V.