wolfarth, zach, malatesta, vorfeld, beins; photo: vorfeld

Burkhard Beins (D)
Enrico Malatesta (IT)
Michael Vorfeld (D)
Christian Wolfarth (CH)
Ingar Zach (NOR)

contemporary percussion music

Glück combines percussionists of diverse stripes, each with their own idiosyncratic and pronounced ways of playing. From various long-term collaborations (Vorwolf, Malatesta/Wolfarth, Misiiki) came the desire to expand the musical experiences of the smaller groupings into this wider context. The five musicians - internationally renowned both as soloists and within various musical outfits - find a commonality of focus within the music through an extremely sound-oriented, fragile and transparent approach to their instruments. By means of compositional and improvisational methods the quintet creates new forms of contemporary percussion music, their own discreet language and an utterly distinctive group aesthetic.

The group's organically evolving, almost orchestral range covers the full sonic spectrum.
The Wire

Releases: Glück, CD out on mikroton recordings, RUS 2015