Fracture Mechanics

lucio capece, burkhard beins, paul vogel, martin küchen. zurich 2014

Burkhard Beins (GER) - percussion, zither, objects, handheld electronics
Lucio Capece (ARG) - soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, preparations
Paul Vogel (IRL, CH) - electronics, clarinet, glass
Martin Küchen (SE) - saxophones, radios, preparations

"Fracture Mechanics" , the scientific study of cracks in any form of material, is a well-chosen metaphor for the examination of music, sounds, shapes and their breaking points. The fact that this has given the word "fracture" a slight semantic degrading is of particular importance. Even more unorthodox expressions - such as "brötzmann-esque arousal" or "the buzzing valves à la Dörner"- will inevitably wear thin over time, so too the mechanics of sound - that is, the basic ideas about music and its performance must be subject to critical review and alteration. This quartet is particularly suited for such a task: Lucio Capece, German-Argentine bass-clarinetist with a weakness for both Chain Reaction-techno and Wandelweiser-asceticism, Burkhard Beins, legendary echtzeitdrummer and Post-Punk fan, Martin Küchen, Lund based saxophonist and baguette baker, and last but not least, Swiss/Irish clarinetist and domestic glassware operator Paul Vogel. Do not miss this excellent opportunity to become acquainted with some of Europe's most influential profiles when it comes to the treatment of drum-head friction, precise gurgling, conceptually static noises, analog synth putter, ultra minimalism, radio distortion aesthetics, and disassembled wind instruments.

Release: Fracture Mechanics, CD 2017

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